Tour Blog from Des Moines, Iowa (Dick Prall, Gas Lamp)


Last night, I made my Des Moines debut at Gas Lamp (thanks again to Dena for the photo above). Here are a few other photos from the show: packed house for Dick Prall’s set, photo from stage right

What a fantastic night! Not only was everyone at the venue extremely friendly and helpful, but Dick Prall and his crew were so gracious and easy to work with (many thanks again to Mike for the conversation, kind words, and PBR). Moreover, both parties took the event seriously and promoted the show in every possible way! If I ever have the chance to open for Dick again, I’m taking it! I drove eight hours to make it to this show. I would’ve gladly drove another eight. Worth every mile and every penny spent! If you’re not already, get familiar with Dick Prall’s music.

Off to my show in Iowa City tonight. Can’t wait to make it back to Des Moines and Gas Lamp again soon!

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June 2013 Newsletter (Shows in Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, LA!)


Hey everyone! Many thanks to Peyton for the photo from my show at Rockwood Music Hall in New York and to everyone who either came out to a show in May or helped spread the word online. What a great month of touring and reconnecting with friends! After playing 17 shows in May, it feels like the 12 shows this month will be a piece of cake. Okay, not really. But I’m still excited to get back on the road- especially since I’ll be making my way back to Los Angeles, The Pool in South Bend, The Frequency in Madison, Tonic Tavern in Milwaukee, and Mike ‘N Molly’s in Champaign. I’m also really excited to open for these amazing musicians over the next seven days: Andrew Combs, Dick Prall, Paper Thick Walls, Blue-Eyed Son, and The Brothers Burn Mountains.

Here are all of my upcoming dates, cities, and venues (click here for more details):

June 6 – Indianapolis, Indiana – Do317 Lounge w/ Andrew Combs
June 7 – Des Moines, Iowa – Gas Lamp w/ Dick Prall
June 8 – Iowa City, Iowa – Uptown Bill’s w/ Miles Lilljequist
June 9 – South Bend, Indiana – The Pool w/ Paper Thick Walls
June 12 – Madison, Wisconsin – The Frequency w/ Blue-Eyed Son
June 14 – Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin – Steel Bridge SongFest w/ John Davey
June 15 – Manitowoc, Wisconsin – Revolutions Bar w/ Brothers Burn Mountain
June 16 – Milwaukee, Wisconsin – Tonic Tavern
June 20 – Champaign, Illinois – Mike ‘N Molly’s w/ Morgan Orion
June 28 – Los Angeles, California – Republic of Pie

My show tonight at the Do317 Lounge might be my last one in Indianapolis this year. Dave Evans will be joining me on drums, Andrew Combs is fantastic, and it’s a wonderful room for acoustic music. Come on out! If not tonight, see you in the weeks ahead.

Mike Reeb


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Tour Blog from South Bend, Indiana (Home? Is that you?)


Over Memorial Day Weekend, I played four shows in the South Bend area: at Ruthmere Mansion, Main Street Library, Simonton Lake (with Paul Erdman), and The Pool (with Families and Mim Stoner). Many thanks to Manda for the great photo above!

Okay, real talk…

There is nowhere near enough praise I can give my new friends, fans, and loved ones in South Bend. The city has become my home away from home over the past four months, and I am still awestruck at how quickly the community has embraced my music. It is both encouraging and humbling. And I am so very thankful. Yes, it needs to be said: I love South Bend.

Below, you’ll find several photos and videos from the weekend. I hope you enjoy them! And speaking of South Bend, my next performance in the area is this Friday night (May 31) at Quincy’s Cafe. See you then!

Live at Ruthmere Mansion
Dena being awesome at the Main Street Library
Post-show discussion with a young fan
Families live at The Pool
Mim Stoner live at The Pool
This other guy live at The Pool

Families live at The Pool
“Mike Reeb wsg Mike Reeb wsg Dena Woods”
Jason Bryant Vine

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Tour Blog from NYC (Rockwood Music Hall, Biking, Central Park)


Earlier this week, I played my first show in New York City. To say that the show and my time in NY went well would be an understatement. Trying to re-cap everything in paragraph form would leave us with a short novel, so I’m just going to list the highlights with some links. Here we go:

I’m back in Pittsburgh today and will be playing a show in Lexington, Ohio later tonight ( New York was great, but it’s always nice to return to the Midwest. See you soon, friends!

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Tour Blog from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


I’ve been hearing good things about Pittsburgh for quite some time. And after finally having a few days to explore the city by bike, play a show, get in an 8-mile run, and meet some locals, I get it. Although not huge like Chicago, it’s waterways are beautiful and the city has everything you’d want in a big city. It didn’t hurt that my introduction to the city included a bike ride along the Ohio River with a fantastic view of the city just before sunset (photo above).

The show last night at PULSE was really fun. Many thanks to those that came out, Jennifer for putting it together, and Get In The Ark for making the drive all the way from Sandusky, Ohio to perform! Wishing you could’ve been there? Well, here’s a 6-second clip of GITA and a photo from my set. It’s just like you’re there! Okay, not really. But I tried.

Off to Harrisburg this afternoon before my show at Rockwood Music Hall in New York on Monday, May 20. Follow me on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook if you want to keep tabs on my travels. Don’t worry, Pittsburgh… I’ll be back in next Thursday for another show with the amazingly talented Brooke Annibale. Can’t wait!

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Tour Blog from Columbus, Ohio (Brothers Drake Meadery, FTW!)


Earlier this week, I performed at Brothers Drake Meadery in Columbus, Ohio. I hadn’t played in the area since 2010, but this show was definitely worth the wait! My good friend Dan Clark set it up and even offered a full-band set between my two sets to help fill the time. Of the 50 shows I’ve played in 2013, this one easily stands out as one of the best. The venue has a beautiful stage, they provided a professional and polite sound engineer, the show was promoted in every way possible on their end (thank you April!), Dan brought out dozens of friends, everyone listening was incredibly receptive and overwhelmingly kind, and this happened later in the evening!

And seriously, is that not the best tip jar sign/threat of all time?!

If you live in the Columbus area or are just passing through, STOP BY BROTHERS DRAKE, fill your belly with some mead (“honey wine”), generously tip the staff, and catch some live music on a great stage. You shouldn’t trust me to set up your 401(k), but you should trust me on this.

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Tour Blog from Richmond, Indiana (“You know… Dean. The cat.”)

Click Here

Two nights ago, I played a really fun house show in Richmond, Indiana. The town is just across the border from Ohio along I-70, about an hour east of Indianapolis. It was great getting to see some old friends and meet a few folks, too. Always love sharing my songs and stories in the comfort of a living room. Thank you again to Matt & Ashley for hosting the show, inviting friends, making food, putting me up for the night, AND cooking me breakfast! Amazing hosts, indeed.

Dean (pictured above) was also there for my set and even signed my email list book (thanks again for the picture, Audreyalice)! Gotta admit, that cat knew how to cuddle. Spent a few hours with 20 pounds of feline on my chest as I slept. And you know what, I loved every single pound!

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