August 2013 Newsletter (Shows in Wisconsin, Indiana, Missouri!)


After playing 82 shows through the first half of this year, I took a much-needed break during July. This month, I’m back on the road for my August 2013 Fall Tour! I look forward to returning to some of my favorite venues like The Pool (South Bend), The Frequency (Madison), and Lindbergs (Springfield) and am also excited to perform at a handful of new-to-me venues, including The Sound Cellar (Northwest Indiana), Foam (St. Louis), and People’s Brew (Lafayette). This coming weekend, you’ll find me at Folky Fish Fest in Northeast Indiana sharing the stage with some amazing musicians like Andru Bemis, Woodstove Flapjacks, and Goldmine Pickers!

Here are all of my upcoming dates, cities, and venues (click here for more details):

Aug 14 – Madison, WI – The Frequency w/ Blue Sundays, Kelly Steward
Aug 15 – Chesterton, IN – Sound Cellar w/ Dave Davidson from MAPS & ATLASES!
Aug 16 – South Bend, IN – The Pool w/ Laura Balke, Bailey Williams, Brett Newski
Aug 17 – Angola, IN – Folky Fish Fest w/ Andru Bemis, Woodstove Flapjacks
Aug 18 – Angola, IN – Folky Fish Fest w/ Andru Bemis, Woodstove Flapjacks
Aug 20 – Lafayette, IN – People’s Brew – STARTS @ 6PM SHARP!
Aug 21 – St. Louis, MO – Foam w/ Bobby Stevens – STARTS @ 8PM SHARP!
Aug 22 – Springfield, MO – Lindbergs w/ The Gardenheads

This November, I’m going to be touring through the southeast (Georgia, Carolinas, Florida, Tennessee, Kentucky) and am already starting to book shows along that route. Click here to see what cities I plan on hitting. If you have any leads, suggested venues, or living room/house show ideas for those cities, please let me know. Any input or help you can offer goes a long way!

“November? What about September and October?” Good question. The short answer: writing brand new music for an upcoming album or two. I’ll share more about that in my September newsletter. Until then, I look forward to seeing some familiar faces and meeting new friends this month. If you can’t make it out to a show, stay in touch online via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Peace & best,
Mike Reeb

P.S. Did you know I released a Beatles cover album back in 2009? It’s FREE to download and available at Give a listen, burn a CD, tell a friend!


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Tour Blog from Los Angeles, California


2013 SHOW COUNT: 82!

Thank you again to @SirLoganLee for capturing this photo of Hillary Tribbett joining me for a song at Republic of Pie last Friday night in North Hollywood! Two nights ago, I also had the privilege of participating in Monday Monday at Room 5 in Hollywood with some amazing musicians, including Gaby Moreno, Jesse Thomas, Phoebe Bridgers, Katie Boeck, and Joel Eckels. It’s been a great week here on the west coast.

In June, I played 15 shows. In May, I played 17 shows. This month, I’m taking a break to rest, visit family, read, and find inspiration for some new songs. Although I’ve enjoyed touring this much in 2013, I definitely need a break. Time to slow down and breathe a bit before getting back on the road in August for a handful of shows.

Stay in touch on Facebook and Twitter (especially if you have any book recommendations). See you soon, friends!

Tour Blog from Champaign, Illinois


2013 SHOW COUNT: 77!

Last night was one that I wish could be the standard for outdoor shows. Mid-70’s, no clouds, fun audience, ice cold beer, and a promoter (thank you again, Isaac!) that cared about show and did all he could to get the word out. Yes, I love Mike ‘N Molly’s.

The three other acts performing last night were Tomorrow Is Already Here (Garret), This Frontier Needs Heroes (pictured above; Jessica, Sadie, Brad), and Morgan Orion. Garret treated me to a late-night breakfast after the show, I had some good conversation with Jessica, Brad, and Sadie about touring and Indiana venues, and Morgan joined me for a stroll through town much later in the evening… while still in the jorts and cowboy boots he sported during his set. All absolutely lovely people!

I’m heading back to Aurora, Illinois now to catch Old 97’s (for only $5!) before playing two house show in the Chicago area this weekend. My “2013 When Will This Tour End? Tour” goes on!

Tour Blog from Milwaukee, Wisconsin


2013 SHOW COUNT: 76!

It happened again. I fell in love with Milwaukee.

My second show of 2013 was at Tonic Tavern in Milwaukee back in early January. Even though I was sick that night, I still had a great time. This time around- five months and 74 shows later- I was operating in full health. The doors and windows at Tonic Tavern stayed open the whole night thanks to the beautiful weather, the bar TURNED OFF their televisions as soon as the fantastic opening band, Murder Gifts, started playing, and I had so more time to enjoy this beautiful city. Just like my last time through, the staff was incredibly kind, the room was the perfect size for a solo set, and the audience was polite and attentive. This was my seventh show in five days throughout the state of Wisconsin, and it was perfect. Can’t wait to make it back again, hopefully with a new album in hand and a band behind me!

Over the next few days, I’ll be spending some much-needed quality time with my good friend Jeremy Keen and his family who will be back in the Chicago area via Florida. We’ll be catching Old 97’s live this Friday night in Aurora at The Two Brothers Summer Festival if you want to come out and join us (Facebook Event Page). The following day, Jeremy’s band, The New Automatics, play at 1:00pm on the same stage (Facebook Event Page). If you’re in the area, stop by and say hello!

Tour Blog from Manitowoc, Wisconson


2013 SHOW COUNT: 75!

Traveling the country in an attempt to share my music with as many people as possible, I occasionally end up playing bars. As an acoustic musician, these shows can be tough if a spot is used to having full bands. However, sometimes a bar surprises you and breaks the mold. Such was the case last night at Revolutions Bar & Grill (photo).

The show was set-up through Kevin at Music Without Boundaries, a group that brings local and regional musicians and bands to the Lake Michigan coastal towns of Manitowoc and Two Rivers, Wisconsin (thanks for the photo above, Kevin!). The bar owner, Deb, was incredibly kind, there were LPs hanging throughout the entire building (and they were actually good records), and the audience was attentive and interactive through my entire set. As long as the kind folks of Manitowoc keep treating touring musicians this way, I’ll definitely want to make my way back up here regularly!

If you’re in Milwaukee or know anyone in the area, my seventh Wisconsin show in five days is tonight at Tonic Tavern. It’s been five months since I played my first show in Milwaukee, and I am really looking forward to returning to Tonic Tavern for this one (here’s my tour blog from my first time through). See you tonight!

Tour Blog from Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin


2013 SHOW COUNT: 74!

Over the last few days, I’ve been up in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin at the Steel Bridge SongFest. It’s been such a great experience! My host, Jim, has been so welcoming and accommodating, John Davey joined me on the ride from Madison, and I made a new friend in touring musician Brett Newski (who also captured the great photo above; click on it to see more from his Instagram page).

More than the shows that I’ve played up here at the festival, the people have been the best part. The locals living in the bay area, the staff at all of the venues, and all of the festival organizers and volunteers… some of the best people I’ve met on my travels this year. If anyone out there is thinking about starting up a music festival, get up to Sturgeon Bay today, tomorrow, or next June and take notes. I really hope to be back next year!

Although I’d really love to catch Jackson Browne’s set here at Steel Bridge, I need to get down to Manitowoc, Wisconsin tonight for my show at Revolutions Bar & Grill and Milwaukee by Sunday for my show at Tonic Tavern. My “O Yeah, Don’tcha Know Wisconsin Tour” continues!

Tour Blog from Madison, Wisconsin


Last night, I returned to Madison, Wisconsin for my 70th show of 2013 at The Frequency. Many thanks to John Davey for the photo above! Just five months ago, my very first show of 2013 was also at this venue. It was great being able to return! Great staff behind the bar, wonderful promoters, Spotted Cow on tap, and a top-notch sound engineer. Hoping to make this a regular stop on all future Midwest tours.

I also had the privilege of opening for Blue-Eyed Son last evening. The man behind the beard was Drew- one of the nicest guys I’ve met while touring in recent weeks. He was incredibly friendly, he let me borrow his guitar after I broke a string on my second song, he re-strung my guitar during my set, and he even offered me a free surfing lesson the next time I’m out in LA! For those of you not in the “music biz,” that last one doesn’t happen too often. Really looking forward to meeting up with Drew again on the west coast!

Join me for the rest of this Mini Wisconsin Tour over the next four days! I still have shows to play in Sturgeon Bay (Steel Bridge SongFest, Thursday and Friday), Manitowoc (Music Without Boundaries, Saturday), and Milwaukee (Tonic Tavern, Sunday). See you on the road, friends!