Tour Blog from Illiana (“…I chose to wake up early…”)


2013 SHOW COUNT: 99!

Nothing like waking up and being greeted by a gorgeous Indianapolis sunrise! Glad I chose to wake up early this morning rather than hit the snooze button a few (dozen) times. I’m back in Ohio now but so thankful for the time I was able to spend with such lovely people in Indiana and Illinois this weekend. Although my time on the highways can get lonely, I rarely find myself feeling that way once in the cities I’m visiting. Endless thanks to those of you who put me up for a night, played board games with me, or helped me set up a show. I’m talking to you Matt in Fountain Square, Kimmie at Foundry Provisions, Todd in Champaign, Kari & Craig in Bloomington, and Lesli in Indianapolis!

This Friday, I’ll be driving south for my last shows of 2013 which will include my 100th show of the year! You can find me in Kentucky (one show), Georgia (two shows), and Florida (vacation). If I don’t respond to your emails, texts, or phone calls before November 17, don’t take it personally. I will probably just have thrown all of my electronic devices into the Atlantic Ocean.

Have a great week everyone, and remember that those beautiful leaves will eventually fall to the ground. Here’s hoping you’re able to get outside as much as you can to enjoy the autumn weather and scenery!

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