Tour Blog from Missouri (“…when a venue does things right…”)


2013 SHOW COUNT: 92!

Two weeks ago, I kicked off a nine day, nine show fall tour in Madison, Wisconsin (“Stop rubbing it in my face!”). After taking off the entire month of July, it was really nice to get back out on the road. This past week, the tour came to an end in Missouri with shows at Foam in St. Louis and Lindbergs in Springfield.

As a touring musician, both venues were two of the best that I worked with along this tour. Here are a few reasons why…

  • They both hung the posters I mailed them. You’d think this would be common sense for all venues, but I would say that only about 50% of the venues I play take the time to hang my posters. The photo above is a prime example of a venue doing all they can to help promote an upcoming show. Yes!
  • They both promoted the show online. The musician I played with at Foam and the venue’s booking contact created a great Facebook Event Page for the show and put in the time to spread the word. The day of my show at Lindbergs, they shared my Bandcamp Page link on their Facebook page. Yes!
  • They both found LOCAL musicians that agreed to share the bill with me. When emailing certain venues about dates I’m trying to fill along tours, some of them will get back to me and say, “You can play here, but it’s up to you to find a good local band with a strong draw to play with you.” If an Oklahoma City venue asks this of me, how am I- a musician that has never played Oklahoma City before- supposed to find a good local band with a strong draw? I will gladly put in a lot of time to help promote a show, but I feel that this request is a tall order. Foam paired me with the amazingly talented Bobby Stevens, and Lindbergs paired me with The Violet Lockets and Minor Miner. All three are local acts that brought friends and fans out. Yes!

Real talk. Being an independent touring musician without a label’s support is incredibly difficult and draining. Emotionally, financially, and physically. So when a venue does things right, it only helps the musician(s) feel better and more prepared for their show. Although it may be hard to pull out a crowd on certain weekdays, venues putting in the time and effort to help make every show at their location a great show definitely makes a difference.

To both Foam and Lindbergs, thank you for caring about my shows and promoting them as much as I did. See you again soon, I hope!

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