Tour Blog from Northern Indiana (“…makes me feel less crazy.”)


Okay. Look at this picture. Really take it in. This little guy jumps on stage at Folky Fish Fest in Angola, Indiana with his banjolele and the Woodstove Flapjacks welcome him up, give him a chair, set-up a microphone for him, and refer to him as their manager for the remainder of their set. This was just one fantastic moment packed into a weekend of fantastic people and music. Get to Folky Fish Fest 2014! I this it just became my favorite weekend of the entire calendar year.


Friday night, I was in South Bend, Indiana playing at The Pool with Laura K. Balke, Brett Newski, and Bailey Williams (pictured above). All three are ridiculously lovely people and talented musicians. I’ve said that about others in the past, but it is always genuine. One of the best things about touring and traveling is meeting different musicians from all over the country. As Brett said to me as we took a walk on Friday afternoon, “Meeting other musicians out who tour as much as I do makes me feel less crazy.” Amen, Brett. Amen.

Thank you again to Gus and Dena at The Pool as well as Luke and all the organizers at Folky Fish Fest! Just the motivation I needed to wrap up my August 2013 Fall Tour in Lafayette, St. Louis, and central Missouri this week.

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