Tour Blog from Chesterton, Indiana (“Here’s to the underdog.”)


2013 SHOW COUNT: 85!

Last Thursday, I shared the stage with Dave Davidson from Maps & Atlases (pictured above), Brian Johannesen, Keith Campbell, and Sweet People in Chesterton, Indiana at The Sound Cellar. The music shared that night was fantastic, but what stood out to me was the amazing character and kindness that ALL of the musicians displayed that night and the many sacrifices that the owners are making to bring great live shows to this small town.

Some musicians would prefer to play to dozens of people in a 21+ music venue with stage lights, fancy mics, and a great sound system in a big city rather than play to 20 people in an all-ages DIY basement venue in a one stoplight town. I am not one of those musicians. Give me intimacy. Give me a basement cellar. Give me owners who run a venue in their small town because they care about artistic expression and not money. Give me a back porch. Give me a midnight bonfire in northern Indiana. Give me a Wednesday night. Give me a living room without any microphones.

I’m booking shows for my November Tour right now. Between you and me, I hope every single show on that tour ends up being a house show or basement show.

Here’s to the underdog. Keep fighting.

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