Tour Blog from Madison, Wisconsin (“Stop rubbing it in my face!”)


Two nights ago, I was able to grace the Frequency stage in Madison, Wisconsin for the third time this year (that’s Kelly Steward & The Restless Kind on stage later in the evening). Yet again, a great night!

During my 18 hours in Madison, I met up with an old friend an hour before the show, watched the Wisconsin sky change from blue to purple, was offered a free shot of whiskey the moment I walked through the venue door, felt great after my first performance in 40 days, hung out with Kelly and her great band members from Rockford, enjoyed New Glarus’ Spotted Cow, had several great music-related conversations with several different individuals, downed some delicious late-night pizza with Ben & Ryan from Independent Ear Productions, saw half a dozen adorable baby racoons hanging out downtown, rocked out to some Spoon after the show, ate chocolate-banana-whole-wheat pancakes for breakfast, and walked along the lake where I met this guy.

Madison, you’re great! I get it! Stop rubbing it in my face!

(No, actually, don’t stop. Call me.)

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