Tour Blog from Los Angeles, California


2013 SHOW COUNT: 82!

Thank you again to @SirLoganLee for capturing this photo of Hillary Tribbett joining me for a song at Republic of Pie last Friday night in North Hollywood! Two nights ago, I also had the privilege of participating in Monday Monday at Room 5 in Hollywood with some amazing musicians, including Gaby Moreno, Jesse Thomas, Phoebe Bridgers, Katie Boeck, and Joel Eckels. It’s been a great week here on the west coast.

In June, I played 15 shows. In May, I played 17 shows. This month, I’m taking a break to rest, visit family, read, and find inspiration for some new songs. Although I’ve enjoyed touring this much in 2013, I definitely need a break. Time to slow down and breathe a bit before getting back on the road in August for a handful of shows.

Stay in touch on Facebook and Twitter (especially if you have any book recommendations). See you soon, friends!