Tour Blog from Champaign, Illinois


2013 SHOW COUNT: 77!

Last night was one that I wish could be the standard for outdoor shows. Mid-70’s, no clouds, fun audience, ice cold beer, and a promoter (thank you again, Isaac!) that cared about show and did all he could to get the word out. Yes, I love Mike ‘N Molly’s.

The three other acts performing last night were Tomorrow Is Already Here (Garret), This Frontier Needs Heroes (pictured above; Jessica, Sadie, Brad), and Morgan Orion. Garret treated me to a late-night breakfast after the show, I had some good conversation with Jessica, Brad, and Sadie about touring and Indiana venues, and Morgan joined me for a stroll through town much later in the evening… while still in the jorts and cowboy boots he sported during his set. All absolutely lovely people!

I’m heading back to Aurora, Illinois now to catch Old 97’s (for only $5!) before playing two house show in the Chicago area this weekend. My “2013 When Will This Tour End? Tour” goes on!

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