Tour Blog from Manitowoc, Wisconson


2013 SHOW COUNT: 75!

Traveling the country in an attempt to share my music with as many people as possible, I occasionally end up playing bars. As an acoustic musician, these shows can be tough if a spot is used to having full bands. However, sometimes a bar surprises you and breaks the mold. Such was the case last night at Revolutions Bar & Grill (photo).

The show was set-up through Kevin at Music Without Boundaries, a group that brings local and regional musicians and bands to the Lake Michigan coastal towns of Manitowoc and Two Rivers, Wisconsin (thanks for the photo above, Kevin!). The bar owner, Deb, was incredibly kind, there were LPs hanging throughout the entire building (and they were actually good records), and the audience was attentive and interactive through my entire set. As long as the kind folks of Manitowoc keep treating touring musicians this way, I’ll definitely want to make my way back up here regularly!

If you’re in Milwaukee or know anyone in the area, my seventh Wisconsin show in five days is tonight at Tonic Tavern. It’s been five months since I played my first show in Milwaukee, and I am really looking forward to returning to Tonic Tavern for this one (here’s my tour blog from my first time through). See you tonight!


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