Tour Blog from Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin


2013 SHOW COUNT: 74!

Over the last few days, I’ve been up in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin at the Steel Bridge SongFest. It’s been such a great experience! My host, Jim, has been so welcoming and accommodating, John Davey joined me on the ride from Madison, and I made a new friend in touring musician Brett Newski (who also captured the great photo above; click on it to see more from his Instagram page).

More than the shows that I’ve played up here at the festival, the people have been the best part. The locals living in the bay area, the staff at all of the venues, and all of the festival organizers and volunteers… some of the best people I’ve met on my travels this year. If anyone out there is thinking about starting up a music festival, get up to Sturgeon Bay today, tomorrow, or next June and take notes. I really hope to be back next year!

Although I’d really love to catch Jackson Browne’s set here at Steel Bridge, I need to get down to Manitowoc, Wisconsin tonight for my show at Revolutions Bar & Grill and Milwaukee by Sunday for my show at Tonic Tavern. My “O Yeah, Don’tcha Know Wisconsin Tour” continues!


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