Tour Blog from Madison, Wisconsin


Last night, I returned to Madison, Wisconsin for my 70th show of 2013 at The Frequency. Many thanks to John Davey for the photo above! Just five months ago, my very first show of 2013 was also at this venue. It was great being able to return! Great staff behind the bar, wonderful promoters, Spotted Cow on tap, and a top-notch sound engineer. Hoping to make this a regular stop on all future Midwest tours.

I also had the privilege of opening for Blue-Eyed Son last evening. The man behind the beard was Drew- one of the nicest guys I’ve met while touring in recent weeks. He was incredibly friendly, he let me borrow his guitar after I broke a string on my second song, he re-strung my guitar during my set, and he even offered me a free surfing lesson the next time I’m out in LA! For those of you not in the “music biz,” that last one doesn’t happen too often. Really looking forward to meeting up with Drew again on the west coast!

Join me for the rest of this Mini Wisconsin Tour over the next four days! I still have shows to play in Sturgeon Bay (Steel Bridge SongFest, Thursday and Friday), Manitowoc (Music Without Boundaries, Saturday), and Milwaukee (Tonic Tavern, Sunday). See you on the road, friends!


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