Tour Blog from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


I’ve been hearing good things about Pittsburgh for quite some time. And after finally having a few days to explore the city by bike, play a show, get in an 8-mile run, and meet some locals, I get it. Although not huge like Chicago, it’s waterways are beautiful and the city has everything you’d want in a big city. It didn’t hurt that my introduction to the city included a bike ride along the Ohio River with a fantastic view of the city just before sunset (photo above).

The show last night at PULSE was really fun. Many thanks to those that came out, Jennifer for putting it together, and Get In The Ark for making the drive all the way from Sandusky, Ohio to perform! Wishing you could’ve been there? Well, here’s a 6-second clip of GITA and a photo from my set. It’s just like you’re there! Okay, not really. But I tried.

Off to Harrisburg this afternoon before my show at Rockwood Music Hall in New York on Monday, May 20. Follow me on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook if you want to keep tabs on my travels. Don’t worry, Pittsburgh… I’ll be back in next Thursday for another show with the amazingly talented Brooke Annibale. Can’t wait!


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1 Response to Tour Blog from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

  1. jenelaine says:

    It was great having you in town! Wishing you the best and safe travels!!

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