May 2013 Newsletter (I’m going east! Maria Davey Photography!)


Greetings from Indianapolis! Last month at this time, I was near San Diego, getting ready to tour up the west coast. But before I reached Pacific Standard Time (that’s my Pete Krebs shout-out for my friend Jeremy and cousin Suz), my fellow west coast road warrior and professional photographer, Maria Davey, and I stopped at several places along the way to take photos (including some amazing landscape shots that she’ll be posting on her website soon). Just a few days into our trip, we were driving through Texas and found an abandoned gas station. So we explored the property, found an old truck, and I was lucky enough to come away with some great promotional photos (see above and I’ve worked with a lot of photographers over the years, but Maria Davey’s work stands out as some of the best portrait work I’ve seen. If you need a photographer, get in touch with her! She’ll fly anywhere in the world to shoot, and she is incredibly wonderful to work with. Take a look at her work and learn more about her on her website:

Between April 2 and May 4, I visited 14 different states via car (3412 miles), train (460 miles), bus (1252 miles), and plane (1259 miles). It was an amazing trip but only because of other people! Thank you again to everyone that I met or came across over the last month. To those who bought me a meal, put me up for the night, cooked me dinner, came to see me play, let me nap in their house while they were at work, told a friend about my music, drove me to a venue, or hosted a house show, thank you thank you thank you! I may have lost money on this tour, but I could care less. I came away with so much more and can not wait to visit the west coast again!

This month, I will make my way to the Atlantic Ocean for shows in Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, and New York. Looking ahead, I’m so excited to let you know that my show this Friday night (May 10) in Indianapolis will feature Rebekah Osborn, who sang with me on my albums Breaking and Without The City Lights, and also Dave Evans, my old drummer and current Buster Eagle drummer. Here are all of my upcoming dates, cities, and venues (more details):

May 10 – Indianapolis, Indiana – Foundry Provisions feat. Rebekah Osborn
May 13 – Richmond, Indiana – House Show
May 14 – Columbus, Ohio – Brothers Drake Meadery w/ Daniel Clark
May 15 – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – AVA Lounge
May 17 – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – PULSE House w/ Get In The Ark
May 18 – Philadelphia, PennsylvaniaLooking for a House Show
May 20 – New York, New York – Rockwood Music Hall
May 22 – Philadelphia, PennsylvaniaLooking for a House Show
May 23 – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – The Backstage Bar w/ Brooke Annibale
May 24 – South Bend, IndianaLooking for a House Show
May 25 – South Bend, Indiana – Ruthmere Mansion
May 25 – South Bend, Indiana – Main Street Library
May 27 – South Bend, Indiana – The Pool w/ Families & Mim Stoner
May 28 – Muncie, Indiana – Be Here Now
May 29 – Newport, Kentucky – Southgate House Revival

I’m currently booking house shows and backyard BBQ shows for July, August, and September. No destination is too far! Email me if you have any questions about house shows or if you think you might want to set something up. And seriously- I’ll travel anywhere in the states to play in your living room.

Lastly, just a reminder that all of my music is available online for free. If you enjoy my music and want to help me keep moving forward, please consider sharing my Bandcamp Page with your friends, families, enemies, and frenemies on Facebook, Twitter, Napster, America Online Chat Rooms, and Prodigy (remember that?!!). The music is there… and your people are there… connect ’em! It really goes a lot farther than you’d think. See you on the road, my friends!

Mike Reeb


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