Tour Blog from Portland, Oregon (Arbor Lodge, The New Automatics, Suz)


Last weekend, I finally made it to Portland. Within my first four hours there, I was in love. Endless bike lanes, thousands of food trucks, green space everywhere, and amazingly kind people. I will be back.

On Saturday night, I played my first show in Portland and shared the stage with Jolliff and The Heartford Defiant (above) at a great spot called The Arbor Lodge. The bands and staff were great, the audience was really receptive, and seven people came out just to see my set. So very thankful that Jeremy Keen put me in touch with Justin from The Heartford Defiant. Sometimes friends in Florida help get you shows in Oregon.

Oh! To my friends in and near Chicago, Jeremy’s band The New Automatics will be sharing the stage with The Old 97’s in Aurora the weekend of June 21, 2013! Click Here for more details.

Although the city had so much to offer, the best part of my time in Portland was definitely seeing my cousin Suz. It had been about 10 years since we last connected, and it was such a blessing to BBQ with her and her friends, eat with her at Por Que No?, and dance to Michael Jackson with her.

As long as I’m touring, I will continue to make time for family and friends. My first 32 years have flown by, and I’m done making excuses. Here’s hoping that everyone reading this blog makes an effort to see their loved ones sooner rather than later. Trust me, it’s worth it!


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