Tour Blog from Northern California (Studio 299, Cousin Danielle)


I spent the last week in Northern California with my cousin Danielle (yep, that’s us drinking Thai beer in Redding the night before I left for Portland) and my beautiful Aunt Patty. They both live west of Redding, California near a small town called Willow Creek. During my time with them, I played at a great local studio and art space called Studio 299 and at the local watering hole, Simon LeGrees. I was with them for a full week, but our time flew by so quickly.

Four weeks on the road, I’ve really come to appreciate the opportunity to connect with family while on the road. I’ve connected with family in Portland, Northern California, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Springfield (Missouri). Before finding my way back to Indianapolis on May 6, I will have also connected with family in Denver and Chicago. Today, I feel overwhelmingly blessed to have so many wonderful friends and family members involved in my life and my travels!

Okay, real talk… If you haven’t visited Northern California, you need to. Here are a few photos of the Trinity River, the venue I played, and some surrounding areas.


Danielle & Robert’s Private Beach




Open Mic (Wes on drums!) at Simon LeGrees


Trinity River near Willow Creek


Trinity River and Mountains


Lake near Redding, California

In Portland now, getting ready for my show at The Arbor Lodge tonight with The Heartford Defiant and Jolliff. It’s a free show and starts at 7pm- I’ll be playing around 8:30pm. If you know anyone in Portland, please let ’em know! More details¬†here and at the link above. Have a great weekend everyone!


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