Tour Blog from Ventura, California (The ’66 Gibson, Hotel Cafe Tomorrow)


Although playing a show with a sore throat and congested lungs isn’t ideal, I still had a great time at Zoey’s Cafe last night! Many thanks again to Lauren Sexton for opening, Polly and the staff at Zoey’s for being so lovely, and everyone who came out to see the show. It was such a blessing to play to a room full of people in a city- and state- that I had never played in before. I definitely hope to return to Zoey’s the next time I tour out west!

The most challenging part of last night’s show? Breaking a string on the 3rd song of my set. The best part of last night’s show? Using Lauren’s 1966 Gibson J-50 (pictured above) for the rest of my set. While Lauren was on stage, I asked about her guitar and mentioned that it was my dream guitar. An hour later, it was strapped around my shoulder. How great is that?!

Today, I’ll be exploring Los Angeles with friends before playing a house show in Orange County with Katie Stump. Tomorrow, I make my LA debut at Hotel Cafe. The show is 21-and-over, starts at 7pm, and costs $10. Can’t wait!


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