Tour Blog from Northern California (Studio 299, Cousin Danielle)


I spent the last week in Northern California with my cousin Danielle (yep, that’s us drinking Thai beer in Redding the night before I left for Portland) and my beautiful Aunt Patty. They both live west of Redding, California near a small town called Willow Creek. During my time with them, I played at a great local studio and art space called Studio 299 and at the local watering hole, Simon LeGrees. I was with them for a full week, but our time flew by so quickly.

Four weeks on the road, I’ve really come to appreciate the opportunity to connect with family while on the road. I’ve connected with family in Portland, Northern California, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Springfield (Missouri). Before finding my way back to Indianapolis on May 6, I will have also connected with family in Denver and Chicago. Today, I feel overwhelmingly blessed to have so many wonderful friends and family members involved in my life and my travels!

Okay, real talk… If you haven’t visited Northern California, you need to. Here are a few photos of the Trinity River, the venue I played, and some surrounding areas.


Danielle & Robert’s Private Beach




Open Mic (Wes on drums!) at Simon LeGrees


Trinity River near Willow Creek


Trinity River and Mountains


Lake near Redding, California

In Portland now, getting ready for my show at The Arbor Lodge tonight with The Heartford Defiant and Jolliff. It’s a free show and starts at 7pm- I’ll be playing around 8:30pm. If you know anyone in Portland, please let ’em know! More details here and at the link above. Have a great weekend everyone!

Tour Blog from Sacramento, California (44th Show of 2013, ZuhG Life Store)


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Yesterday, I played a fun show in downtown Sacramento set up by the good people at the ZuhG Life Store. Although it’s a sleepy city compared to LA and San Francisco, Sacramento has a really nice vibe. Walking around, you could smell spring in the air and didn’t feel rushed at all. Really enjoyed my 18 hours there!

I’m currently on a Greyhound bus, making my way to Northern California for my show tonight at Studio 299. If you think I’ve been playing a lot of shows, you’re right! This will be my 44th show in 70 days. That’s one show every 1.6 days.

Yes, I’ve lost my mind. And no, I’m not slowing down. I already have 18 shows lined-up for next month. As Michael Jackson said, “Don’t stop ’til get enough.”

I’m still trying to fill some June dates in Minnesota and Wisconsin. If you have any friends that might be interested in hosting a house show in Minneapolis on 6/8 (or 6/9), Eau Claire on 6/10 (or 6/11), or Chicago on 6/18 (or 6/19), let me know! There’s nothing like playing in a living room… I’d only play house shows if I could. Thanks again for helping to spread the word everyone, and I look forward to seeing you soon!

Tour Blog from San Francisco, California (Brainwash Cafe)


Last night, I had the privilege of performing with Karney and Ray Vaughn at Brainwash Cafe & Laundromat in San Francisco. What a great spot! Get a drink (coffee or beer), order a meal, or do your laundry. I got into the area on Monday evening and had a great time. Walked around all day on Tuesday, went for a 12-mile run on Wednesday, and then capped it all off with a really fun show (photo via @mariaedavey) in a big city I had never even visited before. I’m so thankful that I finally had the opportunity to visit San Francisco (and Berkeley) and for the lovely people that helped make my stay comfortable and worth while!

Tonight, I play an early show at the ZuhG Life Store in downtown Sacramento. It’s happening- I’m actually making my way up the coast. To my new West Coast friends and old Midwest friends, be well and stay in touch via Twitter and Facebook!

Tour Blog from Los Angeles, California (Rockin’ B, The Honey Trees, Michael Malone)


This past Friday night, I played a house show with my friends Katie Stump and Maddy Myers down in Newport Beach, California. It was wonderful! Before sharing our music with friends and family, we went out on a boat ride in the bay while we ate dinner and watched the sunset. Crazy to think that was possible and even happened! Here’s a Vine video I posted.

The following night, I opened for The Honey Trees in Los Angeles at Hotel Cafe. Do yourself a favor and get to know the music of The Honey Trees. Hauntingly beautiful vocals, amazing arrangements, and incredibly sweet people. Hotel Cafe also provided a great stage, wonderful staff, and even Boddington’s Ale. Many thanks to @SirLoganLee for the photo above!

Last but not least, I want to thank my friends Ryan & Jess for hosting me for two nights in Palmdale and  Hillary Tribbett & Michael Malone for hosting me for two nights in Hollywood! It was so nice to be able to stay with friends that I knew back in Indiana. Check out Jess’ clothing line, Hillary’s music, and Michael’s comedy. Such amazing people with amazing talents! Los Angeles treated me very well. Honestly, I can’t wait to return.

Gotta run- show tonight at Brainwash Cafe in San Francisco!

Tour Blog from Ventura, California (The ’66 Gibson, Hotel Cafe Tomorrow)


Although playing a show with a sore throat and congested lungs isn’t ideal, I still had a great time at Zoey’s Cafe last night! Many thanks again to Lauren Sexton for opening, Polly and the staff at Zoey’s for being so lovely, and everyone who came out to see the show. It was such a blessing to play to a room full of people in a city- and state- that I had never played in before. I definitely hope to return to Zoey’s the next time I tour out west!

The most challenging part of last night’s show? Breaking a string on the 3rd song of my set. The best part of last night’s show? Using Lauren’s 1966 Gibson J-50 (pictured above) for the rest of my set. While Lauren was on stage, I asked about her guitar and mentioned that it was my dream guitar. An hour later, it was strapped around my shoulder. How great is that?!

Today, I’ll be exploring Los Angeles with friends before playing a house show in Orange County with Katie Stump. Tomorrow, I make my LA debut at Hotel Cafe. The show is 21-and-over, starts at 7pm, and costs $10. Can’t wait!

April 2013 Newsletter (West Coast Tour! Couches Needed!)

Alongside the Grand Canyon, April 2013

Greetings from California! And yes, that’s a photo of me standing along the Grand Canyon. Last Tuesday, my friend Maria and I packed up her car and started traveling west. Now that we’ve hit the coast, I’m getting ready to play a string of shows in California, Oregon, Colorado, Nebraska, and Chicago (via Amtrak, MegaBus, and Greyhound) while Maria makes her way up to Canada in her car over the next several weeks. It has been an amazing trip, and I feel so blessed to be able to combine my work with the opportunity to explore the United States. My job may not pay that well, but the perks are definitely worth it right now.

In just six days, we hit 10 states and explored the Gateway Arch, Oklahoma City, Amarillo, Santa Fe, the Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon, and San Diego. Along the way, we captured a lot of photos via Instagram (@mikereeb and @mariaedavey). If you have the time, browse/creep through our photos from the last week! Here are a few of my favorites:

Maria and I in the car
My favorite structure in the US, the Gateway Arch
Abandonded truck in Texas
Roadside exploring in New Mexico
My feet on a huge red rock in New Arizona
The elk I came across just after sunrise at the Grand Canyon
Getting pretty close to the edge of the Grand Canyon
Bryce Canyon, Utah | one more | okay, last one
My reaction to everything in Las Vegas

As of today, I have played 37 shows in 2013. Tomorrow night, I’m excited to play my first of four shows in California (not including two house shows)! Two days later, I make my Los Angeles debut at the famed Hotel Cafe. If you know anyone in the LA area, please help spread the word! The show is $10, and my set starts at 7pm sharp. On my way back through the Midwest, I have a show in Omaha on 5/2 and in Chicago on 5/4. My show at Uncommon Ground in Chicago will be my last in the area for a while, so come on out and bring a friend or two. It’s one of my favorite rooms to play, and it’d be great to see you! Here are all of my upcoming dates, cities, and venues (more details):

Apr 11 – Ventura, California – Zoey’s Cafe
Apr 13 – Los Angeles, California – Hotel Cafe
Apr 17 – San Francisco, California – Brainwash Cafe
Apr 18 – Sacramento, California – ZuhG Life Store
Apr 27 – Portland, Oregon – The Arbor Lodge
Apr 30 – Denver, Colorado – The Meadowlark
May 2 – Omaha, Nebraska – Barley Street Tavern
May 4 – Chicago, Illinois – Uncommon Ground on Clark

While touring, I typically stay with friends, family, and ‘friends of friends’ in different cities. It saves me so much money and is actually the only way that I’m able to make ends meet. As of right now, I have lodging set-up in most cities. However, I’m still looking for a couch to crash on in San Francisco on 4/16 and 4/17, an enclosed porch to sleep on in Sacramento on 4/18, and a floor to sleep on in Omaha on 5/2. Have any friends or family in those cities that might be able to put me up for a night? If so, please let me know. I’d be happy to offer you a free house show in exchange for your help. Seriously!

Last but not least, I’m getting everything finalized for my 17 shows in May throughout Nebraska, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, and New York. Even though the month is coming together really well, I’m still looking for house shows or coffee house gigs in Philadelphia (5/18 or 5/22) and Cleveland/Toledo (5/24). Looking to June, I’m also hoping to find some house shows or coffee house gigs in Iowa (6/5 or 6/6), Minneapolis (6/7, 6/8, or 6/9), Eau Claire/Wausau (6/10 or 6/11), and Milwaukee (6/17 or 6/18). Have any leads? Any help goes a long way.

Thanks again everyone, and please stay in touch over the next month via Twitter and Facebook. While definitely exciting, the road can get lonely from time to time. See you soon!

Mike Reeb


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Tour Blog from WLAF & Muncie (House Shows, Be Here Now)

Last weekend, I played two house shows in West Lafayette and one show at Be Here Now in Muncie. Thank you again to everyone in the Lafayette area that came out to the house shows (especially the faithful few who braved the crazy snow on Sunday night)! It is always such a blessing to be able to share my music with others in the comfort of a living room. Honestly, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

To everyone in Muncie, thank you again! Even though the other two bands canceled, I had a great time  playing upstairs and getting to know some new friends. Really looking forward to coming back on Tuesday, May 28!

Gearing up for a handful of shows along the west coast! I leave this Tuesday and won’t be back in Indiana until early May. Please let your friends in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Sacramento, Denver, or Omaha know about the upcoming shows (they’re all posted at! I’m still hoping to set up a house show in Portland, Oregon sometime during the last weekend in April, so please let me know if you have any leads out that way.

Feel free to keep up with me on Twitter while I’m on the road ( I use Twitter a lot more than Facebook when I’m on the road. I’ll be posting thoughts, photos, and videos regularly. See you soon, friends, and happy Spring!