Tour Blog from South Bend, Indiana (The Pool for The School Fundraiser)


This past Friday night, I had the privilege of playing with several amazing musicians at The Pool to benefit The Music Village in South Bend. The photo above was taken early in the evening and doesn’t even come close to displaying the beautiful sense of community that was felt in the room. If you haven’t seen a show at The Pool yet, I suggest catching John Davey and Bailey Williams on Sunday, April 7 (click here for more details).

Thank you again to Dena and Gus for hosting the event, Mayor Pete Buttigieg for showing his support by attending and performing, all those who came out, and everyone from The Music Village, “a community musical arts alliance, celebrates music and cultural expressions rooted in the traditions of diverse local and global communities in the heart of downtown South Bend, Indiana.” Learn more about this organization here or follow them on Facebook.

To my new friends who purchased a CD that night, don’t forget to share the music with your friends and family! Seriously.


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