March 2013 Newsletter

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March is here, and it’s finally starting to warm up! Anyone else excited?! I spent the better part of yesterday walking around Indianapolis without a jacket, and it was so nice. Here’s to bikes, music festivals, sunglasses, front porch time, and lemonade stands! Soon, soon, soon.

Since December 2012, I’ve played eight house shows and have another one coming up in West Lafayette this month. As an independent musician better suited for small, intimate venues, I am always looking to play in more living rooms. Have you thought about hosting a house show? Your friends would dig it, and it would help introduce my music to a new audience in a unique way. The video above is from a recent house show and will give you a sense of the vibe (you can also click here to watch it). Keep in mind that I’m willing to travel anywhere and that no microphones, amps, or speakers would be used. Easy, right?! Email me at if you might be interested in hosting a house show or if you have any questions. Thanks for your consideration!

I’ve got some great show over the next two months, including shows in Louisville, Nashville, Los Angeles, Ventura, Sacramento, Portland, and Omaha! Here are the dates, cities, and venues (click here for more details):

Mar 14 – Louisville, Kentucky – Phoenix Hill Tavern
Mar 15 – Nashville, Tennessee – Listening Room Cafe
Mar 16 – Nashville, Tennessee – Cause A Scene
Mar 22 – South Bend, Indiana – The Pool
Mar 24 – West Lafayette, Indiana – House Show
Mar 25 – Muncie, Indiana – Be Here Now
Mar 29 – South Bend, Indiana – Chicory Cafe
Apr 11 – Ventura, California – Zoey’s Cafe
Apr 13 – Los Angeles, California – Hotel Cafe
Apr 17 – San Francisco, California – The Meadowlark
Apr 18 – Sacramento, California – ZuhG Life Store
Apr 20 – Willow Creek, California – House Show
Apr 28 – Portland, Oregon – The Box Social
Apr 30 – Denver, Colorado – House Show
May 2 – Omaha, Nebraska – Barley Street Tavern

If you have friends or family in any of the cities I’m touring through, please help spread the word however you can. Word of mouth goes a long way and helps me in more ways than you know. Thanks again, have a great week, and I hope to see you at a show soon!

Mike Reeb


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