Tour Blog from Lafayette, Indiana (John Davey, Stand for Freedom)


Thanks to @johnisaacdavey for this photo from my set at Star City Coffee & Ale House last Saturday night. For those of you who don’t know, John Davey is a full-time musician from the Lafayette area. If you’re not familiar with his music, get familiar! First watch this video. Then follow him on Facebook. Then go see him play live. He’s writing some beautiful music and is definitely worth your time. For those of you in Lafayette and Chicago, John’s coming your way in the next few weeks:

       Saturday, March 16The Bayou – West Lafayette, Indiana
       Thursday, March 28The Horseshoe – Chicago, Illinois

In addition to the Star City show last weekend, I also played two OUTDOOR SETS this Wednesday on Purdue’s campus for an anti-human trafficking event called Stand for Freedom. Here’s a bit more information about the event: “We will be fighting for the freedom of [the 27 million slaves throughout the world] by hosting a Stand for Freedom event on Purdue University’s campus from March 6-7 where we, collectively, will stand for 27 hours. We will be promoting freedom through raising awareness – getting information into compassionate people’s hands; through fundraising – enabling work to continue that is taking place around the globe by the International Justice Mission fighting these injustices; and through legislature – asking the President to recommit our nation’s government to the fight against human trafficking and by letting the Indiana Senators know that we want the influence our great country has to be used to help those who need us to act.”

To learn more about human trafficking and what IJM is doing to fight this injustice, visit


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