Greetings from Chicago! Yesterday morning, I woke up in Lincoln, Nebraska after my show at Duffy’s Tavern the night before and out-drove Winter Storm Q to Omaha. After checking the weather reports, I decided that driving to Chicago while the roads were clear made the most sense (especially since I’m playing two shows in Chicago this weekend). I felt horrible canceling my set last night but found out later in the afternoon that Barley Street Tavern canceled Thursday night’s show altogether because of the weather. I hope to play at Barley Street Tavern in late April or early May on my way back from the west coast!

Although Barley Street Tavern definitely made the right choice in canceling last night’s show, I was really looking forward to playing with Orion Walsh, Dear Rabbit, and Michael Todd. Click on their names to visit their Bandcamp pages and listen/buy their music!

Tonight, I’m excited to play at my good friend Benjamin Ezra’s 32nd Birthday Party in Chicago! If you’re in the area and can’t make it to my 11pm set at Uncommon Ground tomorrow night, come to tonight’s house show! Here’s the show/event poster:


Wishing you warm feet and crackling fireplaces! Spring’s right around the corner, right?


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