Tour Blog from Indianapolis, Indiana


Last night, I played two shows in Indianapolis: an early set at Lazy Daze Coffee House and a late set at a house show in Fountain Square. Thanks to @devans for the photo above, @mattgrieser for this one (yes, that’s Bean enjoying the show on the couch), and @klivings357 for this one.

Both shows were so much fun! I wasn’t sure how many people would be at Lazy Dazesince I just played there two months ago, but the room was full within a few songs. Likewise, about 10 people came out to the house show… which was perfect because there were exactly 10 seats. I’ll be playing two more house shows along my February 2013 Tornado Tour this week, and I really can’t wait for them. Love, love, love! The atmosphere is so comfortable and warm when you’re sharing songs in an intimate space. Have you thought about hosting a house show?

BEST SURPRISE OF THE EVENING: Dave Evans came out to the house show and joined me on snare & brushes for most of the songs. Dave was the original drummer in my former backing band, The Consequences. Here’s a video of Dave playing drums with me at Lilly’s Bar in Chicago back in 2006:

Off to Mike ‘N Molly’s for my Champaign debut this evening. Read all about it right here tomorrow!


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