February 2013 Newsletter


Hello everyone! I made it to all 16 shows in January and now have 12 shows in 11 days during the month of February, including my first show in Bloomington, Indiana tonight. The rest of the month, I’ll be playing shows throughout Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, and Nebraska and will finish my February 2013 Tornado Tour with a Saturday evening show on 2/23 at Uncommon Ground on Clark in Chicago. Remember, I always share my “next day thoughts” at blog.mikereeb.com after every city I visit. Check it out!

If you aren’t following me on Twitter or Facebook, you may not have heard that I was in an accident on the Interstate earlier this week that totaled my ’98 Camry and left me without a vehicle. Thankfully, neither the passenger in the other vehicle nor I suffered any cuts, bruises, bloody noses, or broken bones. I have a vehicle to use for the month of February, but I am currently searching for an affordable used car for highway travel and touring. If you have leads on a reliable used vehicle, please email me. If you want to learn more about the accident and see the damage for yourself, I recently wrote about what happened here: blog.mikereeb.com

The two main ways that I’m able to make enough money to support myself as a musician are through HOUSE SHOWS and MUSIC SALES. If you want to help me raise enough money to purchase a vehicle, consider hosting a house show or helping me set-up a house show in one of the many cities I plan on visiting in March and April. If you visit my shows page, you’ll see that I still have several open dates in different cities during the month of March. Do you or any of your friends live in some of those cities? Do you think you/they can get 10-15 people over for a night of live music? House shows don’t require a sound system, and they’re so much more fun than venue shows! If you want to learn more, I can even put you in touch with others who have hosted a ‘Mike Reeb House Show.’ They’ll let you know just how easy it was to put together. All you really need to do is focus on getting people to the house show by offering snacks, beer, or whatever… I’ll do the rest. You can also purchase my music at mikereeb.bandcamp.com and share that website with your friends and family. Once there, you can name your own price for all of my albums and choose between purchasing just the MP3s or a physical CD. Bandcamp makes it really easy to purchase music.

Last but not least, I recently released a video of my newest song, When There’s Snow. Click Here to watch the video. You can also visit pseudosciencerecords.com to download the original version of this song featuring John Davey on vocals.

Thank you again to everyone for your ongoing support, and I hope to see you out at a show really soon!

Mike Reeb


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