Tour Blog from Chicago, Illinois (End of the Tournado!)


After nearly a week on the road and over 1,500 miles on the car, I played two shows in Chicago this past weekend: Friday night at a house show in a friend’s living room (video coming soon!) and Saturday night at Uncommon Ground on Clark. The photo above was taken by @mattgrieser on Saturday night; it was a great show to end my tour. The crowd was attentive, the sound guy was easy to work with, and I was privileged to share the stage with the energetic Briar Rabbit (website) and soulful Steve Sebby (website). For those of you in Chicago, you can catch Briar Rabbit at Schubas on May 11 and Steve Sebby at Madame ZuZu’s on March 8.

THANK YOU again to EVERYONE who came out to support me in Lafayette, Indy, Champaign, St. Louis, Springfield, Kansas City, Lincoln, and Chicago over the past two weeks! Now that I’m home in Indianapolis, my agenda for the week is as follows: sleep a lot, run at least 20 miles, eat fresh food, and book more shows. Looking forward to seeing you in the near future!

P.S. I’ll be recording some full-band electric songs in Lafayette in early March. Hide yo kids. Hide yo wife. Stay tuned.


Greetings from Chicago! Yesterday morning, I woke up in Lincoln, Nebraska after my show at Duffy’s Tavern the night before and out-drove Winter Storm Q to Omaha. After checking the weather reports, I decided that driving to Chicago while the roads were clear made the most sense (especially since I’m playing two shows in Chicago this weekend). I felt horrible canceling my set last night but found out later in the afternoon that Barley Street Tavern canceled Thursday night’s show altogether because of the weather. I hope to play at Barley Street Tavern in late April or early May on my way back from the west coast!

Although Barley Street Tavern definitely made the right choice in canceling last night’s show, I was really looking forward to playing with Orion Walsh, Dear Rabbit, and Michael Todd. Click on their names to visit their Bandcamp pages and listen/buy their music!

Tonight, I’m excited to play at my good friend Benjamin Ezra’s 32nd Birthday Party in Chicago! If you’re in the area and can’t make it to my 11pm set at Uncommon Ground tomorrow night, come to tonight’s house show! Here’s the show/event poster:


Wishing you warm feet and crackling fireplaces! Spring’s right around the corner, right?

Tour Blog from Lincoln, Nebraska (Mitch Gettman, Emily Ward)


Last night, I had the privilege of sharing the Duffy’s Tavern stage with Mitch Gettman from Omaha and Emily Ward from Lincoln. Thanks to Matt for the photo above and to Duffy’s for being such gracious hosts! Mitch joined me on stage for two covers: War on War (Wilco) and Worried Mind (Ray Charles). Both he and Emily had some really impressive songs. All in all, a really great afternoon and evening in a new city. Looking forward to getting back to Lincoln sometime in the fall!

Here are a few other photos from my time in Lincoln:

Emily Ward on Stage
Mitch Gettman on Stage
This Other Guy on Stage
Poster (Great Design, Duffy’s!)
Furry Roommate

Tour Blog from Kansas City, Missouri (Czar Bar, FTW!)


As a touring musician, it means the world when a venue does everything it can to help make your show successful. This was clearly the case at Czar Bar. The staff made me feel right at home (thank you again to Micael, Dutch, and Jace!), I was offered a guarantee for my Tuesday night show months ago (which helped me budget this tour), and they designed custom posters just for the show. Moreover, the other local musicians playing that night were great songwriters and really great people. For at least one night, Czar Bar was definitely my home-away-from-home. Can’t wait to play there again!

The three hour drive from Springfield, Missouri to KC was really beautiful. Our first stop in town was at a local nano-roastery called Oddly Correct Coffee. Matt said it was really good (I don’t drink coffee, so I’m taking his word for it). Later that afternoon, our couchsurfing host took us out to eat at Oklahoma Joe’s BBQ and even brought out four of her friends to the show later that night. She was great! Let it be known: I like Kansas City. A lot.

Tonight, my Tornado Tour brings Matt and I to Duffy’s Tavern in Lincoln for my 8th show in just seven days. Unfortunately, it’s supposed to snow all through the night in eastern Nebraska. Let’s hope all is clear by Friday morning when we make the eight hour drive from Omaha to Chicago. Keep those fingers crossed.

Tour Blog from Springfield, Missouri (Lindbergs: Get There!)


When I told my friends in Indiana and Illinois that I was playing at Lindbergs in Springfield, Missouri, at least a handful of them responded by saying, “That place is great!” I couldn’t believe how many people I knew had been there before. But after spending the better part of last night at Lindbergs, I got it. Tall ceilings, great staff, beautiful stage (even though I played right in front of the stage for my set), free pizza, and an ideal location right on C-Street. Really glad that it worked out for me to play last night. Hoping I get the opportunity to play there again when I’m back in Springfield in early April. Fingers crossed!

Here’s a nice shot that Matt took during my set:


Gotta run- need to grab a bite to eat before my show tonight at Czar Bar in Kansas City. By the way, the drive from Springfield to KC is just beautiful. Highly recommended on a sunny day like today!

Tour Blog from St. Louis, Missouri


Thanks again to Matt for this photo of Otis and I. Not sure if you knew this, but when you play a house show out in the country, there are gonna be dogs. It’s just gonna happen.

Last night, my friend Naomi hosted a house show for me just north of St. Louis. Then we ate some grilled chicken. And then we hung out by the bonfire. And then we roasted marshmallows. And then I woke up to a homemade breakfast. All in all, the best stop of the tour so far.

A lot of photos were taken in the past 24 hours, so here they are:

A Horrible Arch Replica
Sittin’ & Strummin’
More of the Same
Matt Joining on Shaker & Tambourine
The Fire of Fires
Breakfast with Matt
Do Work

By the way, it’s Matt’s birthday today, so wish him a good one! Off to Springfield, Missouri tonight for my show at Lindbergs. Really looking forward to it!

Tour Blog from Champaign, Illinois


Last night, I made my Champaign debut at a small bar/club called Mike ‘N Molly’s. Thanks to Matt for taking the photo above! The music room upstairs was the perfect size. With just a handful of people in there, it wouldn’t feel empty at all. The staff was great, the booking contact was extremely helpful, and the sound engineer (Bob) was so easy to work with. Really looking forward to playing that room again!

The opening artist was Discoverer, but his friends call him by his first name, Tariq. He has a really genuine approach to music, a beautiful voice, and a very calming stage presence. He writes the kind of music that makes you sad… but in a good way. Check out his music on his Bandcamp Page and Facebook Page.

After the show, Matt, Tariq, Laura (see her in the photo above?), and I went out for some late night, post show food. Always a good idea after a show! Definitely a fun night in a new city.

Off to St. Louis to spend some time with the most impressive structure in the United States before tonight’s house show!