Tour Blog from Grand Rapids, Michigan

Last night, I played to an intimate audience at Tip Top Deluxe in Grand Rapids. I ended up playing most of my set from behind the bar, and it was really fun! My thanks again to the owner, Ted, and two of the nicest bartenders I’ve ever met, Sheri and John. Hoping to make my way back there for another show in August!

Tonight, I play my 15th show in 23 days. Although I’m a bit exhausted, I have been overwhelmingly encouraged by all that has happened this month. More than anything, my January 2013 Midwest Tour has reminded me just how wonderful people are and the importance of trusting one another. For example, my host left a key for me in her mailbox yesterday and also left me this note (even before meeting me):


Yes, she even offered me Allegra! How sweet is that?! Oh, and Rocco is such a sweetheart. 87 pounds of pure love and affection. Just look at this face:

This letter is just a glimpse into the kindness that I’ve been greeted with throughout Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, and Michigan on this tour. I hope you take a moment to be spontaneous with a stranger or two this week. Strike up a conversation with someone you pass by on the street. Or give someone $5 if they ask you for change. Let’s start trusting one another a bit more by letting our guard down from time to time. Life is too short to live in fear of others and too beautiful to only spend with those we already know.


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