Tour Blog from South Haven, Michigan

The Womack Family Band's sound check at Foundry Hall

The Womack Family Band sound check at Foundry Hall

Last night, I performed at Foundry Hall in South Haven, Michigan with Andru Bemis (photo) and The Womack Family Band (photo above).

HELLA IMPORTANT SIDENOTE: The group that books shows and promotes music at Foundry Hall is attempting to buy the building to keep this amazing venue open and functional for years to come. Please watch their fundraising video and consider donating by clicking here.

Although it is always great to see my good friend Andru Bemis, the best part of my time in South Haven was getting to know the four individuals that make up The Womack Family Band: Haley, Noah, Tony, and Cory. By the time the show started we already had a few inside jokes, all of us backed Andru on different instruments for few of his songs, and we said goodbye to each other by dancing in the middle of the street in the freezing cold after the show. That’s best friend material, right there! I can’t wait to spend more time with them when I tour through Ohio in a few months.

Musically, the Womack Family Band’s live performance is near perfection. Their delivery is gripping, their arrangements are lovely, and their three-part harmonies send shivers up my spine. Friends in Lafayette, Indianapolis and Chicago, I want get this band some great shows in these three cities in 2013. If you want to help, email me and let’s talk about how we can make that happen for this amazing band made up of some really amazing people.

I strongly encourage you to watch this video to get a better idea of The Womack Family Band and the music they make:


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