Tour Blog from Goshen, Indiana


I thought my time in Goshen would be uneventful. Totally and utterly wrong.

A handful of people who saw me play two weeks ago at The Pool in South Bend came out to see me play at The Electric Brew last night (photo), and they were great people and really fun to hang out with. I sold quite a few CDs and posters, too. After the show, I spent a few hours at a local bar called A Constant Spring where (1) my host and I talked music and ways I should attempt to grow and challenge myself musically and (2) I met Jake Miller from Kansas Bible Company. This morning, my gracious host also made me scrambled eggs with avocado, garlic, and swiss! She lives in a really cool house built in the mid-1800’s. Check out the spiral staircase!

Before leaving town, I stopped by a local record store (and music venue) called Ignition where I met the owner, Steve. Several different people mentioned this place last night, so I definitely wanted to stop in and drop off a CD. What a great space and practical mission they have! The next time you’re in Goshen, take the time to stop in and support this business. As a venue (the Ignition Garage), they bring in some really great live acts. Keep an eye on their show schedule. Really looking forward to returning to Goshen later in the year for another show or two!

Off to South Haven, Michigan for my show tonight at Foundry Hall. I’ll be performing with Andru Bemis and The Womack Family Band. Is this real life?!!


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2 Responses to Tour Blog from Goshen, Indiana

  1. Ryan Ferris says:

    Cool people from the Pool *and* the Brew? That’s someone I’d like to know!

  2. Danielle Jun says:

    I really like the picture of the you with entwined in the staircase. The blog is Awsome Mike!! Very professional..The videos are great too!! Nicely Done….Keep on Keeping on!!

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