Tour Blog from Warsaw, Indiana

The Adorable Boxer/Rottweiler, Whiskey

The Adorable Boxer/Rottweiler, Whiskey

Last night, after enjoying a homemade meal, a cold Red Stripe, and conversation with a few new and old friends, I played to a handful of people in a living room. I used a chair from the dining room and shared my songs while a frisky boxer/rottweiler named Whiskey stared at my harmonica with her head cocked just a bit to the left. After the show, I had another drink, played with Whiskey a little more, and slept for 10 hours on a comfortable firm mattress in the guest room. And this, my friends, is why I will choose a house show over a venue show ANY day. House shows typically involve good people, good food, cold beer, sweet dogs, and not one “sound system issue.”

In the coming months, I hope to share my music with new audiences in a lot of new cities throughout the country. This is mainly what I spend my time working toward when I’m not actually performing. Unfortunately, some venues are hesitant to invite out-of-town artists to perform since they might not have a strong fan-base outside of the cities they’ve played in before. And honestly, it makes sense as venues are trying to get the most people out to their place. And my name alone won’t pull people out to a show in Chattanooga, Tennessee. An article in a local paper always helps, but what if a local paper or blog doesn’t pick up the story? What’s a solo, independent, touring artist to do? Thankfully, house shows are always a possibility!

A lot of people have asked how they can help me in this new phase of my music career. Honestly, if you really want to help me succeed, I would encourage you to do two things:

  1. Help me promote my shows! I list all of my shows on my website and on my Facebook Page. If you have friends or family living in the areas where I’m traveling, going out of your way to let them know about the show makes all the difference. Word-of-mouth promotion really works and helps more than you know. Any independent musician will tell you the same thing.
  2. Consider hosting a house show or helping me find a house show in the cities that I’m traveling to! Take a look at my upcoming dates at and let me know if you live in one of those cities OR if you have friends in those cities that might be interested in hosting a house show. If this sounds scary, don’t fear! Just shoot me an email and ask any questions you’d like. Even if 10 people come out… and 2/3 of those people donate $5… and I sell even 3-4 albums, it’s worth my time! House shows are also so much more intimate than venues, and it gives the audience a chance to really get to know me.

Thank you again for your support everyone! It means the world. Looking forward to playing in front of your fireplaces and TVs throughout 2013!


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