Tour Blog from Lafayette, Indiana


Post-show drinks/banter with some friends at Star City Coffee & Ale House

Last evening, Duane Chew and I played two shows. An early show at Greyhouse Coffee in West Lafayette (photo) with Emily Myren and a late show at Star City Coffee & Ale House in Lafayette (photo, photo). However, as I woke up this morning, I wasn’t thinking about the shows at all. Whether the crowd was attentive, how many albums I sold, or when I’ll return for my next show. Rather, I was thinking about my old friends that came out to support me last night and my new friends in the area that I came to love in 2012.

Before moving to Indianapolis earlier this month, Lafayette had been my home for the better part of the last seven years. And although I’m happy to be in Indianapolis, I now realize why it was so easy for me to call Lafayette my home: the people.

The friends I met through Hodson’s Bay, friends I high-fived while out running, friends that ran with me, friends I would see at The Black Sparrow, friends I would eat with on Sunday nights, friends I would “juice” with at 2:00am, friends that would record podcasts with me, friends that biked to Wildcat Creek with me, friends that danced with me while Cap’n Dangerous kept the party going, friends that invited me to Tater Tot parties, friends that celebrated my birthday with me, friends that played on my last two albums, friends that would get bubble teas with me, and friends that took time out of their lives to support me and love me when I was at my lowest.

Forget about the shows, my music, and future albums. Last night, it was just nice to be with the people I care about in a city that will always feel like home.


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