Tour Blog from South Bend, Indiana


Photo of “The Pool” by Jason Bryant | Jason’s Website | Jason’s Facebook Page

The last two performances of my recent five-day outing were in South Bend, Indiana on Saturday night. The first one was an early show at Quincy’s Cafe. Amazingly kind staff, a stage and sound system that works perfectly for the room, and a small but attentive crowd. I definitely hope to return sometime in the summer or fall!

After my set at Quincy’s, I packed up my things and was getting ready to leave town. However, a friend invited me to stop by “The Pool” before I left. To my surprise, The Pool is actually a former high school swimming pool turned DIY music venue. Seriously! Check out the photo above. And if that wasn’t interesting enough, one of the hosts knew I was on tour and asked me if I could perform two songs just before Elephant Rescue took the stage. So there I was in South Bend, with my guitar in hand, being introduced by a fantastic emcee, about to play two songs… in a former pool turned music venue.

I know, right?

In no more than five minutes, I played Ease Up Or Give Up The Fight and I Gave You The World. The audience was extremely receptive, and before I left I was even invited to return to The Pool to play a full set in a few months. What?! Is this real life??

Honestly, it was such a pleasant and unexpected experience. After nearly a week on the road away from home, playing a two-song set in an empty pool to a great group of people in South Bend was just about as good as it could get. Can’t wait to return!


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