Tour Blog from Milwaukee, Wisconsin

PBR & Elephants

Wdup, Milwaukee? Are all of your elephants drunk or just these three? Thank you for the kind bar owners and bartenders, the write-up in the Journal Sentinal, the amazing PBR artwork on your buildings, several pints of Spotted Cow, and everyone who came out to last night’s show!

Having only visited Milwaukee once before- and that one time for a late show in the middle of winter- I really feel like this has been my first “real” visit. Can’t wait to come back either! Everyone has been so kind, and I must have passed a dozen businesses that I could’ve lost myself in for several hours. If anyone from Milwaukee is reading this, email me the next time I’m in town and take me to all of your favorite spots! I’m game.

The best part about being on the road is that my surroundings are constantly changing. And the worst part about being on the road is that my surroundings are constantly changing. While I’m looking forward to my show at Uncommon Ground in Chicago tonight, I wish I could have had least 12 more hours to explore Milwaukee.

REAL TALK: If you find yourself in the Bay View neighborhood of Milwaukee, be sure to stop by Tonic Tavern and say hello to Paul, the owner and really nice guy, and Nick, the bartender who will play some of the best bar music you’ve ever heard. At one point last night, I may or may not have been dancing to LCD Soundsystem’s Time To Get Away with Jace and Stephanie, two new friends that I met that same evening. And you know what? I have no regrets!

Milwaukeee, we’re friends. Call me sometime.


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