Tour Blog from Madison, Wisconsin

Where do I begin? What a beautiful city with some amazing people!

Before last night, I had never played a show in central Wisconsin. I only vaguely remember driving through the area while I was still in college. After my first show in Madison, I am now wishing I had visited years ago.

After a long drive from Chicago, I killed a few hours in a coffeehouse before my show. I was delighted to see that two local papers featured my show last night at The Frequency. I had to capture the moment, because this was my first show in Madison and I was the headliner at a notable venue I had never played at before.

I arrived at the venue and was greeted by two of the nicest bartenders, an amazingly kind promoter named Ben (who bought me my first New Glarus Spotted Cow), and two sound men that treated me like family. Robert J. opened the show with an impressive set, and I followed with a 45-minute set. Even though my voice struggled a bit due to my recent cold, the audience was warm and welcoming, I felt incredibly comfortable on stage, fate brought an old college friend out to the show, an older gentleman named Henry shined my shoes in exchange for a CD (seriously!), and ensured that I had a comfortable place to rest my head after the show.

I wasn’t sure what to expect last night, but I had no idea how perfectly everything would fall into place. Honestly, the whole evening felt like a homecoming. How is that possible?

If my time in Milwaukee tonight is even a tenth as enjoyable and surprising as my time in Madison, it will be wonderful. I may never be a Packers fan, but I’m already looking forward to my next trip to central Wisconsin.


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