January 2013 Newsletter


“We spend our time searching for security and hate it when we get it.”
– John Steinbeck

Since graduating from college in 2003, I have traveled down a fairly comfortable path of stability. There were moments when I thought about pursuing certain musical goals, but fear and self-doubt kept me from taking risks and entertaining those dreams. Today, I am excited to let you know that I recently left my day job and am now pursuing music full-time. Yes, after a handful solo projects and over 15 years of writing/performing my own music, I am finally “taking the plunge.”

Ultimately, this means that 2013 is going to be challenging but hopefully incredibly rewarding. I’m getting my email list up and running again, already laying out the groundwork for two new albums, and determined to play at least 150 shows within the year. This month alone, I’m playing 15 shows in 23 days (which started last night in Madison, Wisconsin and continues tonight in Milwaukee). Next month, I’ll be touring through Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, Nebraska, and Iowa. And by May, I will have toured through Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, Florida, North Carolina, Oklahoma, California, and Oregon! More than ever before, I am ready and willing to take any opportunity to share my music with new audiences in new cities.

My January 2013 Midwest Tour is taking me back to many familiar venues and several new cities throughout Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, and Michigan. The dates, locations, and venues are all listed within the image above, but I also encourage you to visit shows.mikereeb.com to learn more about these upcoming shows. If you have friends or family in any of the cities I’m visiting, please help spread the word. Word-of-mouth promotion really works and helps out more than you know!

A few reminders… I have a new Facebook Page that you should like (facebook.com/mikereebonline), I’m still on Twitter and use it a lot more than Facebook (twitter.com/mikereeb), all of my albums are available on Bandcamp for free download (mikereeb.bandcamp.com), I have three new videos from October that are up on my YouTube page (youtube.com/mikereeb), and I started a new tour-blog this week (mikereeb.wordpress.com).

Looking forward to seeing some old friends and meeting many new friends in the months ahead! Stay in touch, and I look forward to seeing you out at a show soon!



Visit newsletter.mikereeb.com to join my Email List. You’ll get monthly updates like this delivered directly to your inbox, and you’ll never miss a show!


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