January 2014 Newsletter! New Video, Columbus show this Friday!


Here’s hoping 2014 is treating all of you well thus far! Meet Yuengling. That’s her favorite spot in my bedroom. I think she likes to watch the records spin. But hey, who isn’t a fan of a vinyl record rotating at 33 1/3 RPMs?!

Since my last newsletter, Kino323 released a live video of me performing It’s Been A Real Hard Year while in Des Moines back in June. I was touring through Iowa with Dena Dena Dena and had just opened up for the amazing Dick Prall. Easily one of my favorite nights from 2013. CLICK HERE to watch the video. The original version of this song can be found on my 2010 album Breaking, which also features my friend Adam Ollenforff. You may have seen Adam playing pedal steel behind Kacey Musgraves on The Grammy’s Sunday night. No big deal.

For my neighbors here in Ohio, I’m happy to announce that my first show of 2014 will be this Friday night, January 31, at Kafe Kerouac in Columbus! I’ll be sharing the stage with two amazingly talented musicians, Briar Rabbit from Chicago and Ashley Brooke Toussant from Cleveland. Music at 8pm, $5 cover, all-ages. CLICK HERE for more details. Join us! Bring a friend! See live music! Smile!

Thank you again for your support and love. Looking forward to sharing more shows and new music with you in the coming months!

Mike Reeb

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Tour Blog from Illiana (“…I chose to wake up early…”)


2013 SHOW COUNT: 99!

Nothing like waking up and being greeted by a gorgeous Indianapolis sunrise! Glad I chose to wake up early this morning rather than hit the snooze button a few (dozen) times. I’m back in Ohio now but so thankful for the time I was able to spend with such lovely people in Indiana and Illinois this weekend. Although my time on the highways can get lonely, I rarely find myself feeling that way once in the cities I’m visiting. Endless thanks to those of you who put me up for a night, played board games with me, or helped me set up a show. I’m talking to you Matt in Fountain Square, Kimmie at Foundry Provisions, Todd in Champaign, Kari & Craig in Bloomington, and Lesli in Indianapolis!

This Friday, I’ll be driving south for my last shows of 2013 which will include my 100th show of the year! You can find me in Kentucky (one show), Georgia (two shows), and Florida (vacation). If I don’t respond to your emails, texts, or phone calls before November 17, don’t take it personally. I will probably just have thrown all of my electronic devices into the Atlantic Ocean.

Have a great week everyone, and remember that those beautiful leaves will eventually fall to the ground. Here’s hoping you’re able to get outside as much as you can to enjoy the autumn weather and scenery!

Fall 2013 Newsletter (Living in Ohio, Dan Hubbard, Upcoming Shows in IL, IN, OH, KY, GA!)


Hello everyone!

My friend Dan Hubbard invited me to open up for him in Bloomington, Illinois for his Livin’ in the Heartland album release show last month (picture from the show). It was the largest audience I’ve played to all year, and Dan and his band absolutely killed it on stage! He is a fantastic songwriter and definitely the kindest musician I’ve worked with over the past ten years. Thanks to this new fad called the “Internet,” you can stream songs from Dan’s new album here or purchase the album on iTunes. Trust me, it’s worth your time and money.

On a different note, after ten months of touring and 95 shows throughout the country- from New York to Los Angeles and everywhere in between- I decided to put my roots down in the great city of Columbus, Ohio. My dog (Ray) and I have everything we could ever need or want in a city, even more so than San Francisco, Portland, or Chicago. I’m less than three hours from Indianapolis, a days drive from New York City, and can catch the amazing Hoo Doo Soul Band every Sunday night. What more do you need?!

My first show since moving to Columbus will be this coming Tuesday, October 22 at Rumba Cafe where I have the privilege of opening up for Dick Prall. We shared the stage earlier this year at Gas Lamp in Des Moines, Iowa. Although I’m excited to perform at Rumba, I might be more excited just to hear Dick Prall live again! Here are all of my upcoming fall dates, cities, and venues (click here for more details):

Oct 22 – Columbus, OH – Rumba Cafe w/ Dick Prall, Jason Myles Goss
Nov 1 – Indianapolis, IN – Foundry Provisions
Nov 2 – Urbana, IL – The Iron Post (Folk & Roots Festival) – early show
Nov 2 – Terre Haute, IN – The Verve – late show
Nov 3 – Bloomington, IN – Rachael’s Cafe
Nov 8 – Augusta, GA – M.A.D. Studios
Nov 15 – Augusta, GA – Public House Show
Nov 16 – London, KY – Brie’s Brews

REAL TALK: Even having played so many shows in 2013, it’s been a struggle to make ends meet financially. In the coming months, I plan on touring a lot less and picking up another job to help pay the bills. Though not ideal, it’s definitely necessary at this point. But with a bit more income- and finally being able to sleep in my own bed for longer than a few days at a time- I plan on writing and recording new music this winter. Time to get these ideas worked into songs!

Settled in the EST,
Mike Reeb

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Tour Blog from Missouri (“…when a venue does things right…”)


2013 SHOW COUNT: 92!

Two weeks ago, I kicked off a nine day, nine show fall tour in Madison, Wisconsin (“Stop rubbing it in my face!”). After taking off the entire month of July, it was really nice to get back out on the road. This past week, the tour came to an end in Missouri with shows at Foam in St. Louis and Lindbergs in Springfield.

As a touring musician, both venues were two of the best that I worked with along this tour. Here are a few reasons why…

  • They both hung the posters I mailed them. You’d think this would be common sense for all venues, but I would say that only about 50% of the venues I play take the time to hang my posters. The photo above is a prime example of a venue doing all they can to help promote an upcoming show. Yes!
  • They both promoted the show online. The musician I played with at Foam and the venue’s booking contact created a great Facebook Event Page for the show and put in the time to spread the word. The day of my show at Lindbergs, they shared my Bandcamp Page link on their Facebook page. Yes!
  • They both found LOCAL musicians that agreed to share the bill with me. When emailing certain venues about dates I’m trying to fill along tours, some of them will get back to me and say, “You can play here, but it’s up to you to find a good local band with a strong draw to play with you.” If an Oklahoma City venue asks this of me, how am I- a musician that has never played Oklahoma City before- supposed to find a good local band with a strong draw? I will gladly put in a lot of time to help promote a show, but I feel that this request is a tall order. Foam paired me with the amazingly talented Bobby Stevens, and Lindbergs paired me with The Violet Lockets and Minor Miner. All three are local acts that brought friends and fans out. Yes!

Real talk. Being an independent touring musician without a label’s support is incredibly difficult and draining. Emotionally, financially, and physically. So when a venue does things right, it only helps the musician(s) feel better and more prepared for their show. Although it may be hard to pull out a crowd on certain weekdays, venues putting in the time and effort to help make every show at their location a great show definitely makes a difference.

To both Foam and Lindbergs, thank you for caring about my shows and promoting them as much as I did. See you again soon, I hope!

Tour Blog from Northern Indiana (“…makes me feel less crazy.”)


Okay. Look at this picture. Really take it in. This little guy jumps on stage at Folky Fish Fest in Angola, Indiana with his banjolele and the Woodstove Flapjacks welcome him up, give him a chair, set-up a microphone for him, and refer to him as their manager for the remainder of their set. This was just one fantastic moment packed into a weekend of fantastic people and music. Get to Folky Fish Fest 2014! I this it just became my favorite weekend of the entire calendar year.


Friday night, I was in South Bend, Indiana playing at The Pool with Laura K. Balke, Brett Newski, and Bailey Williams (pictured above). All three are ridiculously lovely people and talented musicians. I’ve said that about others in the past, but it is always genuine. One of the best things about touring and traveling is meeting different musicians from all over the country. As Brett said to me as we took a walk on Friday afternoon, “Meeting other musicians out who tour as much as I do makes me feel less crazy.” Amen, Brett. Amen.

Thank you again to Gus and Dena at The Pool as well as Luke and all the organizers at Folky Fish Fest! Just the motivation I needed to wrap up my August 2013 Fall Tour in Lafayette, St. Louis, and central Missouri this week.

Tour Blog from Chesterton, Indiana (“Here’s to the underdog.”)


2013 SHOW COUNT: 85!

Last Thursday, I shared the stage with Dave Davidson from Maps & Atlases (pictured above), Brian Johannesen, Keith Campbell, and Sweet People in Chesterton, Indiana at The Sound Cellar. The music shared that night was fantastic, but what stood out to me was the amazing character and kindness that ALL of the musicians displayed that night and the many sacrifices that the owners are making to bring great live shows to this small town.

Some musicians would prefer to play to dozens of people in a 21+ music venue with stage lights, fancy mics, and a great sound system in a big city rather than play to 20 people in an all-ages DIY basement venue in a one stoplight town. I am not one of those musicians. Give me intimacy. Give me a basement cellar. Give me owners who run a venue in their small town because they care about artistic expression and not money. Give me a back porch. Give me a midnight bonfire in northern Indiana. Give me a Wednesday night. Give me a living room without any microphones.

I’m booking shows for my November Tour right now. Between you and me, I hope every single show on that tour ends up being a house show or basement show.

Here’s to the underdog. Keep fighting.

Tour Blog from Madison, Wisconsin (“Stop rubbing it in my face!”)


Two nights ago, I was able to grace the Frequency stage in Madison, Wisconsin for the third time this year (that’s Kelly Steward & The Restless Kind on stage later in the evening). Yet again, a great night!

During my 18 hours in Madison, I met up with an old friend an hour before the show, watched the Wisconsin sky change from blue to purple, was offered a free shot of whiskey the moment I walked through the venue door, felt great after my first performance in 40 days, hung out with Kelly and her great band members from Rockford, enjoyed New Glarus’ Spotted Cow, had several great music-related conversations with several different individuals, downed some delicious late-night pizza with Ben & Ryan from Independent Ear Productions, saw half a dozen adorable baby racoons hanging out downtown, rocked out to some Spoon after the show, ate chocolate-banana-whole-wheat pancakes for breakfast, and walked along the lake where I met this guy.

Madison, you’re great! I get it! Stop rubbing it in my face!

(No, actually, don’t stop. Call me.)